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The French Garden is not only a fun, modern, easy-to-use product, it's also a genuine garden designed to fit in any home, no matter how large or small. To help you with your gardening needs, we have compiled a list of tips and suggestions on this page. Explore, have fun, and bring all of your ideas to life!

Two bunches of parsley, a few leaves of tarragon... The French Garden lets you grow fresh herbs and small vegetables that will help you realize your culinary dreams. For your inspiration, we have a provided a selection of recipes which will let you use your home-grown produce.

With our current lifestyle, we tend to forget that fruits and vegetables are seasonal. What should you plant? How should you take care of your plants? Which plants go with which season? Learn the answers to these questions with help from your French Garden.

Do you know how to garden the French Garden way? Because gardening in a 23 inch square bed is different from gardening in your backyard, we have put together several tips for using your new French Garden. From now on, fresh herbs will be at your fingertips. Get started with your French Garden and make friends and family green with envy!